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File expenses


Bye-bye receipts.
A photo is all you need.
One tool to manage all your expenses. Developed specially to reflect the needs of aviation companies.


Crews digitally submit their expenses and all associated receipts. For rapid processing and speedy reimbursements.


Monitor all travel expenses in real time and continuously compare your teams’ expenses with their budgets.


Ensuring that your accounts team no longer needs to chase up receipts. Easily capture travel expenses on the fly and via the app.

avixpense makes travel expense and receipt management

child’s play.

All you need is a single tool to manage all tasks related to travel expense, outlay, allowance and receipt management. avixpense simplifies settlement and expense reimbursement, accelerates workflows, eliminates errors and makes your expense accounting more transparent.

For crews.

You’re going to love this tool! Unlock the Power of avixpense.

Whether it’s a business lunch, hotel, taxi or whatever you’ve got planned. Simply upload your receipts for all expenses directly in the app before they get crumpled up in your wallet or even lost. No more searching, no more discussions and no more delays. Nothing that’s going to prevent speedy reimbursement in the future. The same also applies to the settlement of your allowances.

For management.

Reduce your processing costs and retain a full overview.

Seeing the big picture and checking expenses has never been easier. avixpense provides you with the insights whenever and wherever you need them. Monitor the expenses of your employees in real time and make sure as a result that everything is within budget at any time. Streamlining these processes saves resources since automated expense settlements mean less work for crews, accounting and controlling departments.

For accounts.

No more Excel and say goodbye to stacks of paper.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time checking or approving stacks of expense statements. Digital expense statements and receipt management provide you with a clear overview and full control of your schedule. You decide when you check incoming expenses rather than being inundated at the end of the month.

In a nutshell.

avixpenseyour All-in-One-Travel & Expense Management Tool – was developed in 2018 as part of the avisched Crew Portal and, due to its popularity, is now available as an integration and a modular component of a growing number of flight operation software packages. This app was developed in collaboration with clients and partners in order to manage the actual and daily expense management tasks common in the aviation sector.
Our Austria-based team combines over 30 years of experience in the aviation and information technology industries.
Effortlessly Manage Your Expenses: Choose Between Integrated or Stand-Alone Versions.

“We are delighted to offer avixpense, our custom-built web application for travel and expense reporting, catering specifically to the needs of our industry. After receiving numerous requests from our fellow business aviation professionals, we collaborated with industry experts and IT specialists to develop this cutting-edge solution, utilizing the latest technologies. With avixpense, all expenses can be managed and processed with a single tool, saving valuable time and money for all stakeholders involved, including the crew, management, and accounting departments.”

— Nana Steiner, VP Business Development

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Take care of your work more efficiently.

Take care of your work more efficiently.

Discover the easy way to manage expenses. We look forward to hearing from you.